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About Me

Sungsoo Kim is a music producer and audio engineer. He was born in Seoul in 1988 and was raised in Sajik-dong, Jonngno-gu. He started to display his musical talent since he joined the school band of Kyungbok High School. Upon his graduation from high school, he was admitted to Chugye University and majored in Vocal Performance. During the college years, he was influenced by prominent jazz musicians such as Jamie Cullum, Norah Jones and Diana Krall, whose seamless talents convinced him of the need to study abroad.
Sungsoo studied contemporary writing and production at Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, he studied music production under the famous producers, Kurt Biederwolf and Joe Carrier. He produced some original compositions and hosted “Sungsoo Kim Jazz Quintet” recital multiple times. He also cooperated with other musicians for several music production projects and performances. Now he is the leader of Sungsoo Kim Jazz Quintet and Batista Trio. 
While receiving professional musical trainings at Berklee, Sungsoo has become interested in other genres than jazz such as electronic pop, film music and video game music; among these genres, he is particularly intrigued by the production music for film and television. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, Sungsoo has been writing and producing music for advertisements and commercials for clients such as Samsung, United Airline, and BBC. 

He is currently a master's student at New York University majoring Music Technology, focusing on immersive audio. To be specific, He concentrates on studying binaural rendering, 3D audio recording and reproduction for AR/VR, multi-channel upmixing algorithms, and audio encoding and decoding techniques. Sungsoo is an active member of MARL (Music and Audio Research Laboratory) Immersive Audio Group at NYU.
Sungsoo firmly believes that music has a capability to raise the level of satisfaction in lives of many and that a musician can lead the society to a happier state by influencing the public in a positive way. He hopes his music could touch the people’s hearts.


Sungsoo Kim

Audio Researcher Producer | Musician

Location: New York, NY

2010 - present


2010 - present
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